Thursday, May 25, 2006


Hello All! Sorry I have been quiet for a while but I am about to deliver our third little girl any day now. We just have to make sure it is not too earlier - since she has been fitting to come for weeks now and I am currently only 32 weeks. But we are hoping for 2 weeks, praying for three, and would be shocked but grateful for more. Anyway, I will be in and out over the next few weeks until this is done. I will be checking in occasionally though. I also have good news and will post my second review of TRUSTING A DARK STRANGER.

Aggie, daughter of Lord Wentworth faces a decision. She either has to marry a very undesirable male or be banished to a convent. She sees one way out. An American she has met earlier could help her to escape and make her dream come true, to live as a cowgirl in America. Colt has only one thing on his mind, to avenge the death of his wife who had been Lord Wentworth’s mistress and he sees his chance through Aggie. They can’t deny the power of attraction between them and when Colt is called back home she gets aboard the ship he is travelling on. After many adventures, set backs and finally a reunion, Colt still is being stubborn. Will the man who Aggie was supposed to marry come between them? Can Colt put away his hatred of Aggie’s father? Can they reconcile and find true love?

This reviewer loved Aggie. She is forced to become a woman of her time, but inside she is much more adventurous. She can ride a horse, shoot a gun better than any man and speaks her mind. Colt is also a dream. They are perfect for each other. The interaction between the two makes the reader smile and sometimes want to slap them both over the head. This is a debut from Kelly Renea and it’s a powerful start to what is sure to be a great writing career. Ms Renea leads her reader through Victorian London, then over to America and each setting will have the reader thinking she is really there. This is a sensual read with lots of sexual tension between the hero and the heroine. There is also plenty of action and adventure that will keep the reader turning those pages. Thanks Ms Renea for a wonderful read.