Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What's in a name? (Hahaha)

Was wondering what everyone's opinion was on the name I am considering for my little baby to come. Now if the baby turns out to be a girl - we are jut SOL because we only have one name we kinda like and that's all. It is Sophia. Now, if it is a boy we are going to name him after my husband and my dad but we also wanted to give him his own name to go by. What is everyone's opinion about giving a kid more than the regular two names plus surname? Well, anyways, the three we are considering are: Connor, Shane, and Trevor. Which do yall like the best?
And if we go with this the kid's name will be either:
Connor Christopher Gary
Shane Christopher Gary or
Trevor Christopher Gary

Is this just too much of a mouthful? Will the kid hate us later for this? Or will he be glad that he had a name to go by instead of his father's name Christopher or his grandfather's name Gary???
Now I will stop babbling.
Kelly Renea

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