Thursday, March 02, 2006

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A sneak peek
He slowly walked to Aggie in a daze without saying a word. A smile crossed his face, and he almost offered her more praise when he looked deep into her blue eyes gleaming with such open adoration. His heart pumped a staccato beat, and before logic forced its ugly head into play, he grabbed Aggie in a fierce embrace and swooped down to claim her lips.

He only planned on kissing her fiercely and quickly, then walking away none the worse for wear, a kiss of celebration for life and admiration for her talent, or so he told himself. Yet when his lips touched hers, she pressed back with fierce longing, innocent but fierce. His previous ideas or thoughts of self preservation quickly retreated. Suddenly, his body responded with longing and a need for this woman. This reckless, infuriating, naïve, stubborn woman.

Her body tentatively pushed against his, and the feel of her soft breasts and warm, young body inflamed his senses and demanded his response in return. He forced her closer to his body, pressing into her warmth and opening his mouth to lick and taste her ruby-red lips. She tasted of innocence mingled with a hint of spice from the cider she had drunk earlier with Angela at the tavern. Slowly, he deepened the kiss to wrap his tongue with hers in a slow, yet demanding battle of give and take. So far their sparring had been mostly verbal, but now the physical part of their beings wanted to take over since words no longer adequately communicated their desires.


Aggie’s senses reeled upside-down. Never had Colt kissed her with such desire and desperation, causing a complete drugging of her senses. Her whole body felt as if it were aflame. Her heart was racing as it did when she would jump off Phoebe after galloping through the woods with Daniel. Except this was so much better!

She began to tremble, and an aching feeling in the pit of her stomach began to grow, spreading through her body. She felt restless and confused, but never before had she felt as free as she did at this moment.

Aggie did not know the moment she had realized how much she had wanted Colt to kiss her. When he looked at her with such awe and praise, she’d been unable to contain the blush that stained her cheeks or the desire that bloomed in her heart. Colt might have kissed her before, but she had been unable to consider her feelings before now. Now, she knew that she wanted his kisses, his approval, and his arms around her always. Something about the man made her feel flutters in her stomach, and when he kissed her, she felt as though her whole world turned upside down. Everything disappeared, and nothing mattered beyond Colt and the next thing his lips and tongue would do to her mouth.


Fire burned in Colt’s loins and he wanted the girl now, for his own, more than he wanted anything ... then his whole body froze. The woman in his arms was his enemy. He planned to ruin her as punishment to her father for Elizabeth. Now, here he stood, more than willing to bed Aggie, yet all his reasons had changed. It wouldn’t be for revenge, and he hated himself and his weak body for it. Damn, he was a stupid fool.

He had traveled to London to find Elizabeth, yet instead he found himself out in the alleys of Southampton, kissing the very woman who was the daughter of his enemy. Pushing Aggie away, he took several cleansing breaths and forced a frigid look to cover his face, concealing his emotions and turmoil.

She frantically searched his eyes that previously had glowed with hunger, yet now were etched with contempt. She looked off-balance and confused at this sudden change in him. Her face seemed to say, was I such a bad kisser? I know that I lack practice, yet you have not held that against me before.

“I’m sorry,” she quickly offered. “I’m sure with practice I can get better. I mean, I have already shown you that I will practice at a task until I can perfect it.” She lamely gestured to the washbasin still holding the spittoon and playing card.

Colt began to feel guilty for his abrupt behavior. The girl was an innocent, right? She could not be blamed for the crimes of her father, could she? He should explain himself. Surely, she’d understand.

Justice should be achieved at whatever cost, yet when he looked at her pale, confused expression, he realized she would not understand. After all, the girl had a tendency to give her trust too willingly and be reckless to a fault.

No, he could not trust her, and in the long run it was better to keep her at a distance so he could avoid any unwanted ties. Besides, he needed to leave and get home to his brothers. The girl was becoming an attachment he could not afford to have. “There will be no next time.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I think I spoke plainly enough.”

“But, surely, I was not...”

“Look, it was a nice try, but...” he almost cringed at the lie, but quickly reminded himself it would be better for her in the end. “I don’t need a girl trying to satisfy my needs.”

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