Tuesday, August 29, 2006


My life has been so crazy lately. My little girl was born June 11, six weeks early, and ever since then my days have been one rollercoaster ride after another. I hope everything will be calming down soon though. But with one in school bringing home one sickness after another - and a 2 1/2 month old getting every single one of those bugs, I feel ready to pull all my hair out!! I did get some good news! My book was nominated for a reader choice award by Encarta Romance and I got another review which I am pasting below ...

Trusting a Dark Stranger

Aggie, an English lady and daughter of a duke, is trapped in a loveless engagement and is trying her best to find a way to get to America. She’s been promised to the loathsome and oily Viscount Hastings to help secure a higher social position for her family, but she longs only for freedom. When Aggie is accosted by an American cowboy in the street, she is torn between attraction and outrage.

Colt, a Texas sheriff, has just been dealt a blow that would have felled a lesser man. He found his errant wife, who’d been missing for a year, dead of consumption in a bed paid for by her titled lover. He swears revenge on the man who bedded his wife, and barges in on the titled pig of a man, his family, and his daughter’s intended, and proceeds to unveil all of his secrets, landing him in a cell....until Colt is rescued by the last person he expected to see. And she’s wanting to make him a deal.

Trusting a Dark Stranger is a madcap, rip-roaring ride! Author Kelly Renea spins a humorous and action-packed tale of betrayal, desire and a host of hilarious scrapes. Aggie is a woman bound by her upbringing who yearns to live the life she’s dreamed of; Colt is a man with a vow to avenge the insult done to him and he becomes unwillingly embroiled with the daughter of his nemesis. Neither of them want the passion that flares between them. He’s a bit of a Neanderthal and must overcome his distrust of women; she’s completely unconventional and has an odd habit of invoking barnyard animals in her cursing. It’s fun to watch these two circle around each other and their growing feelings for each other. All in all, Trusting a Dark Stranger is a very entertaining read.

Reviewed by: Michelle

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