Monday, April 17, 2006

My first review!

I got back my first review from!
4.5 out of 5 stars!!!

Colt returns to London to search for his wife who disappeared a year ago. Unfortunately he finds her set up with a protector but dead from consumption. Upset, Colt leaves unsure what to do next. What he does not want to do is run over the young woman standing in the middle of the street. What he finally decides he does want to do is get revenge on the man who was his wife's protector. When he discovers who it is, he goes to the house. Startled to find the young woman there, he is overpowered and locked up in the cellar awaiting the magistrate. His rescue comes from an unlikely source, Agatha Wentworth, the young woman he met earlier and the daughter of his enemy. Aggie wants to escape an arranged marriage and goes to Colt with a proposition. She will help him escape if he will take her to America. Aggie has always wanted to go to America. She has spent her whole life preparing for the trip. She can rope, ride and shoot as well as the best. Now if she can just convince Colt to take her along. Deciding to trick her, Colt ties her up and escapes. The only problem is Aggie follows and circumstances force them to remain together through a series of unfortunate events. Colt is not sure what to think of Aggie. He alternately wants her for revenge and for himself. He needs to decide quickly or he may lose Aggie forever.

You can't help but fall in love with Aggie. In a time when women are still limited, Aggie lives her life as she sees fit. Definitely marching to her own drummer, Aggie is full of life and passion. Colt is a man betrayed, a man who could use some loyalty with his loving. Aggie is the one to give it to him but Colt has to be ready to accept it. Trusting a Dark Stranger unfolds beautifully with fun, poignancy and finally love. This is my first story by Kelly Renea, and I know it will not be my last. For anyone loves a feisty heroine, tender love and fun, Trusting a Dark Stranger is for you. Fantastic job for Kelly Renea. Reviewed by Elise

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